Automotive and E-Mobility

Driving automotive innovation

Overcome the challenges of e-mobility manufacturing and lightweighting with novel laser solutions that effectively process traditionally challenging materials - including, copper, galvanized steel, high strength steel, aluminum, and plastics

Automotive Battery Welding

Automotive Battery Welding

Handle difficult automotive battery welding tasks with ease using ARM fiber lasers that reduce HAZ and offer higher yields and scalability.

Body-in-White Automotive Lasers


Successfully implement body-in-white manufacturing with precise laser welding of impossible materials and high-speed laser brazing.

Automotive Interiors & Components Lasers

Automotive Interiors & Components

Achieve higher precision with powerful, easily customizable lasers that improve productivity and quality when processing automotive interiors and components.

Powertrain Components Lasers

Powertrain Components

Weld and harden powertrain components with lasers that eliminate distortion, reduce spatter, and are easily automated and integrated into production.

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