Clindrical Diode
Clindrical Diode

CP Series Wavelength Stabilized Collimated TO Can Lasers

The SureLock™ CP Series Wavelength Stabilized Collimated TO Can Lasers come in both single-mode/single frequency and multi-mode/spectrum narrowed versions, with single-axis collimation integrated into an ultra-compact, TO-can footprint. The narrow linewidths, low power consumption, and broad temperature operating characteristics deliver affordable, portable instrument-quality performance for a broad range of instrumentation applications.

All SureLock™ Series lasers are stabilized using the Coherent PowerLocker® Volume Holographic Grating, ensuring precise, ultra-stable center wavelengths, low temperature dependence, and consistent optical performance over the locked region.

Single-Axis Collimation in an

Ultra-Compact, TO-Can Footprint

Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) Mode
404/405 250 Multi
405 12/25/40 Single
450 30 Single
445/450 325 Multi
520 375 Multi
633 40/70 Single
638 120 Single
638 280 Multi
643 120 Single
785 175/225 Single
785 500 Multi
830 500 Multi
1064 500 Multi