Discover our next-gen, one-box Ti:Sapphire amplifier that combines market-leading performance with HALT/HASS-certified industrial reliability to maximize lab productivity. 

Astrella delivers better data and lower overall data costs. Providing high (up to >9 mJ) pulse energy, short (<35 fs or <100 fs) pulse widths, and excellent (M²<1.25) beam quality, Astrella enables 2D spectroscopy, THz studies, fs micromachining, and more.

Astrella – Key Parameters

Available at 1 or 5 kHz, each unit includes an integrated Vitara oscillator and Revolution Pump laser, all in a 1247 x 792 x 262 mm footprint. HASS certified before shipping.

Product Specifications

Model Name

Nominal Center Wavelength (nm)*

Pulse Width (fs)

Pulse Energy at 1 kHz (mJ)

Pulse Energy at 5 kHz (mJ)

Astrella USP

795 - 805 


>5 or >7 


Astrella F 

780 - 820 


Astrella HE USP

795 - 805 




Astrella HE F 

780 - 820 


* Specifications apply at 800 nm. Factory set, must be specified when ordered and will be optimized prior to shipment.

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