Ultrafast Amplifier Accessories

See our complete line of amplifier accessories including harmonic generators, tunable parametric amplifiers, pulse width diagnostics, and CEP stabilization.

Get a full range of devices to further expand, tailor, and optimize the operation of our scientific ultrafast amplifiers. Deliver better data faster, for applications such as 2D spectroscopy, 3P photostimulation, HHG, pump-probe spectroscopy, and much more.

Overview of Ultrafast Amplifier Accessories

Extend and enhance the performance of the industry’s broadest range of ultrafast amplifiers to perfectly match the needs of your application.


Product Specifications

Accessory Type

Product Names

Key Function & Specifications

Works With

Typical Applications

Tunable OPAs 


OPerA Solo

Creates tunable output from 240 nm to 20 µm all in a single box  

Astrella, Legend Elite  

2D Spectroscopy, pump-probe spectroscopy 


Creates tunable output from 193 nm to 20 µm in a modular design.

Astrella, Legend Elite

2D spectroscopy, pump-probe spectroscopy


Creates narrow-band picosecond pulses tunable from 240 nm - 10 µm 

Astrella, Legend Elite 

FSRS and Pump-probe spectroscopy, SFG spectroscopy at surfaces 


Creates high power output at up 4 MHz, tunable from 650 -900 nm and 1200 - 2500 nm 


2D Spectroscopy, advanced materials spectroscopy 3-photon imaging 


Creates high energy pulses at up to 2 MHz, tunable from 210 – 2600 nm, extendable to 16 µm 


2D Spectroscopy, advanced materials spectroscopy 

Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilizer 

Legend Elite CEP 

Active feedback locking of amplifier carrier envelope phase

Legend Elite

Attosecond pulse generation 


Single-Shot Autocorrelator (SSA)

Pulse width diagnostic tool 

Astrella, Legend Elite 

Pulse measurement 

Harmonic Generator

Harmonic Generator System (HGS)

Creates both second (SHG) and third (THG) harmonics with option of fourth (FHG)  

Astrella, Legend Elite

Pump-probe spectroscopy, FSRS