Get hands-free, maintenance-free ultrafast lasers capable of extreme performance, with 3 models spanning pulse durations <12 fs, wide wavelength and bandwidth tuning, and power approaching 1W.

The industry benchmark for integrated, ultra-broadband, flexible ultrafast lasers. Ideal for demanding applications, such as amplifier seeding, terahertz generation, attosecond studies, quantum control experiments, non-linear imaging and spectroscopy. All models are HASS-certified for quality and reliability. 

Vitara – Key Parameters

Expand the capabilities of your Vitara laser with a wide variety of options and accessories. 

Product Specifications

Model Name

Power at Minimum Bandwidth (mW)

Adjustable Bandwidth FWHM (nm) 

Tuning Range at Min. Bandwidth (nm)

Tuning Range at 100 nm Bandwidth (nm)

Pulse Duration with Appropriate External Dispersion Control (fs)



30 - 125 

755 - 860 

790 - 820 




40 - 100 

765 - 810 

795 - 805 




>70 (fixed) 

Non-tunable. Centre wavelength factory set at 800±10 nm