High Reflector Dielectric Coatings for 1 µm

Bring the capabilities of diamond-turning technology for making complex-shaped mirrors to near-infrared, high-power fiber, and direct diode laser delivery systems.

These optics mate the features of diamond-turned metal mirrors -- internal water-cooling channels, freeform surfaces, and even deformable (variable radius) surfaces -- with high-reflectance, high laser damage threshold, and all-dielectric coatings.

Dielectric High Reflector Metal Mirror Capabilities

Choose from Cu, Al, and brass-plated AI substrates, and then specify shape, dimensional, and cooling requirements.

Typical Dielectric High Reflector Metal Mirror Specifications

Substrate Materials

Cu, Al, Brass-plated AI

Substrate Diameter

Up to 300 mm

Spectral Region

1030 – 1070 nm

Reflectivity (per surface)

≥99.7% @ 1030-1070 nm

≥80% @ 600-700 nm

Laser Damage Threshold (Cu)

≥200 MW/cm² CW

Environmental Performance (per MIL-C-48497) Humidity Moderate Abrasion Moderate Abrasion

Optional Post-Polishing Surface Specifications

λ/10 flatness 

10 Å RMS surface roughness