1 µm Cover Slides

Protect and increase the lifetime of valuable process optics in materials processing systems based on near-infrared fiber and solid-state lasers.

Many laser cutting, welding, cladding and other materials processing tasks create backspatter and debris which may deposit on lens surfaces lowering performance or leading to damage. Inexpensive, replaceable protective windows provide the solution.

Cover Slide Capabilities

Preserve process optics without reducing performance with fused silica windows that offer high transmission, high damage threshold, and minimal effect on wavefront.

Typical Protective Window Specifications


Fused Silica

Surface Quality 

20/10 or 10/5

Transmitted Wavefront 

< 3 waves @ 632.8nm

Diameter tolerance 


Edge Thickness tolerance 


Clear Aperture 

90% of central diameter

Reflection at 1064nm, 1070nm, or 1080nm 

<0.2% reflectance per surface

Damage Threshold 

>15 J/cm² at 10 ns