Fused-Silica Aspheres for 1 µm Lasers

Achieve diffraction-limited focused performance while also minimizing total component count in beam delivery systems for direct-diode, fiber, and disk lasers.

Fused-silica aspheres offer an excellent balance between performance and cost in beam delivery systems for visible and near-infrared lasers with powers of over 1 kW.

Fused-Silica Aspheres Capabilities

Specify high-precision polished fused-silica aspheres of up to 200 millimeters in diameter.

Typical Fused-Silica Asphere Specifications 

Material Grade

High Power Grade for direct diode lasers 

Standard Power Grade for mid-power fiber lasers


±50 μm


≤10 μm

Asphere Power

≤2 fringes at 632.8 nm

Asphere Irregularity

≤1 fringes at 632.8 nm

Surface Roughness

≤3 nm RMS

Surface Quality

20/10 or better

Clear Aperture

≥90 %

Focal Length

≤0.1 %


≤0.2% per surface 1030 nm-1080 nm