General Optics

Optical Filters for Datacom

Extend datacenter optical transceiver bandwidth to 100G and even higher with these filters than combine low insertion loss and PDL, and high channel isolation.

These filters enable construction of high-performance, reliable, 100G CFP/CFP2/CFP4/QSFP-28 transceivers based on the four CWDM4 wavelengths, the four LAN-WDM wavelengths, or the 850 nm wavelength range.

CWDM4 and LAN-WDM Filters

Choose CWDM4 or LAN-WDM filters at low angles of incidence (AOIs) or specify WDM filters for high AOIs plus beamsplitters with low polarization splitting.


CWDM4 Filter  

LAN-WDM Filter  

Center Wavelengths  

1271/1291/1311/1331 nm 
1511/1531/1551/1571 nm  

1273.54/1277.89/1282.26/1286.66 nm 
1295.56/1300.06/1304.58/1309.14 nm  

Typical Bandwidth  

>13.5 nm  

>2.1 nm  

Channel Spacing  

20 nm  

800 GHz  

Transmission/Reflection Insertion Loss  

<0.4 dB  

Transmission/Reflection Ripple  

<0.3 dB  

Transmission Isolation for Adjacent Channel  

>25 dB  

Transmission Isolation for Non-adjacent Channel  

>30 dB  

Polarization-Dependent Loss  

<0.1 dB  

Reflection Isolation  

>13 dB  

Incidence Medium  


AOI (in air)  

8/13/13.5 degree  


No wedge  

Typical Size  

0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 mm  

Edge Chipping  

<0.1 mm