SiC Power Devices & Modules

Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Take full advantage of the unique performance capabilities of SiC power electronics with our broad range of modules in industry standard and optimized footprints.

Coherent is a fully vertically integrated producer of SiC electronics, controlling everything from material growth, to die, through module. We can guarantee device performance and offer peace-of-mind regarding delivery schedules and quality control.

Silicon Carbide Power Module Features

  • Highly reliable GE SiC MOSFET devices

  • Low RDS(on) (3.1 mΩ – device only) 

  • Low stray inductance (1 nH)

  • SiC die qualified to 200°C 

  • Ultra-low switching losses over entire operating range

  • Body diode with minimal reverse recovery 

  • Integrated temperature sensing

  • Dedicated DESAT Pin and Source- Kelvin Pin 

  • AlSiC Baseplate and Si3N4 AMB Substrate