SiC Power Devices & Modules

Silicon Carbide Bare Die MOSFETs

Build power electronics for the most demanding automotive applications using the unrivaled efficiency, frequency, temperature, and voltage capabilities of SiC.

Coherent SiC bare die MOSFETs use a proven technology platform (licensed from GE Aviation Systems) to deliver industry-leading FIT rates. They are AEC-Q101 rated for automotive applications and offer industry-leading 200 °C junction temperature capability

Bare Die Silicon Carbide MOSFETs Features

  • High voltage and low RDS(on) up to 200 ° C.

  • Fast switching enabled by ultra-low gate resistance. 

  • Very low, temperature invariant switching losses.

  • Avalanche ruggedness superior to silicon 

  • Fast recovery body diode for synchronous rectification.