New, Compact, CNC-Controlled Micro-welder

The ExactWeld 410 laser welder increases productivity for manufacturers of medical devices and other high-precision components.


January 31, 2024 by Coherent


The Coherent ExactWeld 410 brings the benefits of CNC laser micro-welding to companies manufacturing high-precision components in small to medium production volumes (100 – 5000  pieces/day). It’s ideally suited for medical device manufacturers, makers of precision sensors, and others who can’t compromise on weld quality, but don’t have the production floor space – or the need – for faster, larger, and more sophisticated systems like the Coherent ExactWeld 430


Lasers, Optics, and Monitoring

The ExactWeld 410 combines several different elements to make it a compelling value for smaller manufacturers. The first of these are its laser source and processing head. 

ExactWeld 410 is available with various Coherent PowerLine FL sources. These fiber lasers combine high pulse energy or high average power together with high beam quality, making them a great match for precision welding applications. 

The PowerLine FL lasers are mated with our FLBK 60 process head, which is also specifically optimized to deliver superior results in high-precision micro-welding. With its Vario Optics, the FLBK 60 can even be programmed to deliver different welding spot sizes within a single process sequence for increased flexibility. Plus, the ExactWeld 410 can optionally incorporate our SmartWeld+, our innovative wobble head. This improves precision and quality when welding heat-sensitive and thin materials, or when joining dissimilar materials.

The other key piece of the laser system is robust process monitoring tools. These include various components and options, such as a vision system to verify part positioning, a process observation camera, laser power monitoring, and even our AI-powered advanced SmartSense+ accessory. SmartSense+ is a real-time, in-line laser process monitoring tool that uses optical and (optionally) acoustic sensors to improve quality and reduces scrap rates in demanding laser cutting, welding, drilling, and marking applications.


Sensors for pressure, temperature, acceleration, etc. Fine welding of wires, foils, and microstructures. 


Easier Control

The extensive functionality of the ExactWeld 410 is all controlled through Laser FrameWork – an intuitive user experience that manages all aspects of system operation. This includes process recipe creation, laser operation, part motion and handling, machine vision, process monitoring, and communication with other production or ERP systems. 

Besides making the ExactWeld 410 both powerful and easy-to-use, Laser FrameWork also provides the tools needed for validation, traceability, and compliance. This makes it a particularly useful tool for medical device manufacturers.



Better Construction

The final element of the ExactWeld 410 is its mechanics. The CNC part motion system includes three linear axes (covering approximately 250 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm of travel) and an optional rotational axis. The linear stages move the laser head, allowing the workpiece to remain fixed, which simplifies tooling and automation. The CNC motion, together with the precision process head, allows complex weld contours to be reliably performed. And the Laser FrameWork software makes it easy to “teach” the system the weld path with little programming effort. 

ExactWeld 410 is packaged in a free-standing, welded steel enclosure – with an automated door – which has been designed to deliver just the right balance of physical size and stability. The result is a compact system which can even be moved on casters. Yet it is still stable enough to successfully perform delicate and precise welding operations.

The ExactWeld 410 is a compact, high-precision automated welding system that provides ease-of-use and operational flexibility. This enables manufacturers to use it on a wide variety of parts and to switch between jobs with not much more than just a change in fixturing. Thus, it’s an ideal production solution for contract manufacturers, and other makers of medical devices, aerospace components, precision sensors, and other specialty products.

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