Holographic Optics

Use our diffractive holographic filters for ASE elimination, laser wavelength locking, and Rayleigh-blocking in THz-Raman.

  • Stabilized Wavelength Control Lock your pump/diode laser over a broad temperature range.
  • Narrow Bandwidth Maximize the performance of spectroscopy systems with improved ASE and Rayleigh rejection.
  • Chirped Pulse Amplification Stretch and recompress high power CPA pulses in an ultra-compact footprint.
Volume Holographic Bragg Grating Filters

Unmatched Diffractive Grating

All Coherent VHG and VBGs are bulk “solid-state” diffractive holographic filters made from a proprietary photosensitive optical glass, which unlike thin films or gels, can deliver ultra-stable, degradation-free performance over an unlimited lifetime. They are ideal for ASE elimination, laser wavelength locking, and Rayleigh-blocking in THz-Raman.

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PowerLocker® Gratings

Increase the spectral brightness of your laser diode and get highly stabilized optical performance over extended temperature ranges.

Narrow Bandwidth - Get up to 10X reduction in laser bandwidth. 

Compact and Economical - Smaller and less costly than external cavity setups.

Thermally Stable - Minimize the temperature dependence of your laser wavelength. 

SureBlock Notch Filters

Enable complete material identification by capturing THz-Raman signals that provide structural information in addition to the traditional chemical fingerprint.

Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth (<10 cm⁻¹) -  Acquire ultra low frequency  Raman data.

Exceptional Optical Density with High Transmission - Detect both Stokes and Anti-Stokes Raman signals.

Wide Selection - Available at all standard Raman wavelengths from 488 to 1064 nm.

NoiseBlock Filters

Suppress the ASE background emission that commonly occurs in laser diodes. Create a pure, ASE-free, narrow-band laser that is ideal for Raman spectroscopy.

High (>90 %) Efficiency - Brighter lasers and more intense spectral data. 

High SNR Ratio - Narrow Spectral Profile - HWHM<10 cm⁻¹ for optimum Raman resolution.

Strong (>70 dB) Blocking - Cleaner spectra with lower background noise.

PicoPulse Filters

Use these pulse stretcher/compressor filters to get high peak power in femtosecond pulsed laser systems. Delivers a distortion-free round output beam. 

Free Space Operation - Supports larger beams and higher powers than CFBGs.  


Compact Format - Avoids the size and alignment challenges of grating methods. 


Thermally Invariant - Does not drift with any changes in lab temperature.


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