Top-Illuminated Monitor Photodiode Chips

Choose a standard or large area photodiode for channel monitoring anywhere across the 1270-1620 nm wavelength range and benefit from an extremely low dark current.

These InGaAs monitor photodiode chips are available with a detection area of either 255 μm x 255 μm, or circular Ø 550 μm. Simple to integrate in transceivers and transponders, the smaller option is qualified according to GR-468 for use in non-hermetic packages.

Top-Illuminated Monitor Photodiode Chips

Use these in high-performance communications components which benefit from their high reliability and wide (-40 to 90°C) operating temperature range.

Key Features

  • Top illuminated for easy integration and alignment

  • Operating temperature -40 °C to 90 °C

  • 1270-1620 wavelength range

  • High reliability

  • Choice of active area – either 255 μm x 255 μm, or circular Ø 550 μm.

  • 255 μm x 255 μm is GR-468 qualified, typical responsivity is 0.9 A/W, dark current is 2 nA 

  • Ø 550 μm typical responsivity is 1 A/W, dark current is 1 nA