High-Power 100 GHz DFB Laser Diode Chips

Get 100 mW of uncooled output power and 300 mW of output power when cooled, to enable 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps per lane, respectively, for cutting-edge O-band transceivers.

These chips are available in four wavelength bands to match coarse division multiplexing (CWDM) wavelength requirements in uncooled DR$ and DR8 transceivers. They feature high reliability and are qualified according to GR-468 for use in non-hermetic packages.

High-Power 100 GHz Laser Diode Chips

Get these chips tested and Inspected on translucent tape with grip-ring Ø 150 mm. Future-proof technology that can support advanced silicon transceiver designs to 1.6T.

Key Features

  • Designed for uncooled O-band CWDM4

  • Qualified according to GR-468 for use in non-hermetic packages

  • Excellent reliability

  • Top anode and backside cathode configuration

  • RoHS compliant

  • Available wavelengths - CWDM4 1270 nm to 1330 nm