Electronics Manufacturing

Perform fast, high-precision cutting, welding, marking, and ablation of metals and plastics with laser sources and systems.

  • Integration-Ready Get up and running quicker with tools that integrate easily into your production.
  • User Friendly Maximize productivity and reduce operator training with simple, intuitive HMIs.
  • Cost-Effective Improve yields and reduce cost per part with consistent, reliable laser tools.
Electronics Production and Manufacturing Lasers

Laser Welding

Quickly produce small, strong, cosmetically attractive welds with minimal heat affected zone for pressure sensors, batteries, mobile devices, and other products.

Laser Cutting

Rapidly cut simple and complex contours, even in multilayer and composite materials, plus foils, with better and more consistent results than water jets and blades.

Laser Marking

Write high-contrast serial numbers, product identifiers, traceability codes, logos, Datamatrix codes, and more on plastics, composites, metals, ceramics, and paper.

Laser Ablation

Swiftly strip insulation or remove virtually any material with precise and consistent depth control, and without any heat damage to the underlying product.


Success Stories

I love the turnkey aspect of the Astrella. We spend less time optimizing laser pulses and more time using laser pulses. It’s that simple.
Dr. Alexis Bohlin Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Astrella Enables CARS Spectroscopy Targeting Greener Energy and Propulsion

See how the Bohlin group, using their pure-rotational CARS imaging method, successfully obtained high spatial and temporal resolution data on the temperature of an unstable premixed methane/air flame-front.

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