New 30-Watt Femtosecond Laser Lowers HAZ for OLED Shape Cutting

The Coherent Monaco UV 30-watt laser offers ideal choice for high-speed, low heat affected zone (HAZ) shape cutting for economical high-volume production of reliable, foldable OLED displays.

July 1, 2021 by Coherent

UV Femtosecond

A proven solution in OLED display manufacturing, the Monaco UV 30-watt laser (30 W, 800 kHz, 345 nm) provides the hallmark operating features and durable construction that manufacturers in Korea, China, Vietnam, and elsewhere rely on for demanding tasks in flat panel display production, semiconductor fabrication, and advanced packaging. 

The new Monaco 30 W laser features our proprietary, ultra-reliable long-life frequency-tripling technology found across the Monaco Series. This technology provides 10,000+ hours of operation, with no customer intervention. The system architecture offers a clear migration path as manufacturers transition to the 30 W node and, ultimately, beyond — supplying a framework for meeting the demand for more power to cut larger displays for automotive, tablets, and foldable products.

PulseEQ is another exciting technology available in the Monaco Series. This proprietary approach to synchronizing laser pulsing produces consistently high cut quality and lower HAZ in corner and curve geometries. 

Like all Monaco lasers, Monaco UV is manufactured using rigorous HALT/HASS testing protocols for truly industry-leading reliability. 

To learn more, please visit the Monaco series page.

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