Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories

See our complete portfolio of accessories to enhance your oscillator performance: harmonic generators, pulse pickers, pulse synchronization, tunable OPOs.

Ultrafast oscillators applications are incredibly diverse: amplifier seeding, terahertz generation, attosecond studies, quantum control experiments, non-linear imaging, and spectroscopy. These accessories deliver ideal performance to match any experiment.

Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories in Brief

Choose from a full range of accessories to tailor your laser performance to match your application. 


Product Specifications

Accessory Type

Product Names

Key Function & Specifications

Works With

Typical Applications

Tunable OPOs 


Levante OPO

Creates tunable output from 1320 to 5000 nm  

Axon 1064,  Chameleon Discovery NX 

Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, Microscopy 

Harmonic Generators

Harmonic Generator 

Creates second, third and fourth harmonics (190 to 540 nm) 

Chameleon, Vitara 

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, Material Sciences 

CEP Stabilizer 

Vitara-CEP Stabilizer

Locks carrier offset phase


ATI Studies, Attosecond Physics 

Pulse Compressors

CPC 1040

Compresses 1040 nm oscillator output pulses 

Chameleon Discovery 

CARS/SRS Microscopy, SHG Microscopy 

Pulse Synchronizers 


Active synchronization of laser rep rate to a second laser or rf clock


Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, CARS, SRS