Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories

See our complete portfolio of accessories to enhance your oscillator performance: harmonic generators, pulse pickers, pulse synchronization, CEP stabilization, tunable OPOs.

Ultrafast oscillators applications are incredibly diverse: amplifier seeding, terahertz generation, attosecond studies, quantum control experiments, non-linear imaging, and spectroscopy. These accessories deliver ideal performance to match any experiment.

Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories in Brief

Choose from a full range of accessories to tailor your laser performance to match your application. 


Product Specifications

Accessory Type

Product Names

Key Function & Specifications

Works With

Typical Applications

Tunable OPOs 


Levante OPO

Creates tunable output from 1320 to 5000 nm  

Axon 1064,  Chameleon Discovery NX 

Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, Microscopy 


Creates tunable output from 505 to 1600 nm (to 4000 nm optional)  


CARS, SRS, Microscopy 

Harmonic Generators

Harmonic Generator 

Creates second, third and fourth harmonics (190 to 540 nm) 

Mira, Chameleon, Vitara 

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, Material Sciences 

CEP Stabilizer 

Vitara-CEP Stabilizer

Locks carrier offset phase


ATI Studies, Attosecond Physics 

Pulse Compressors 


Compresses 800 nm oscillator output pulses


THz Generation, CARS, Non-linear Optics 

CPC 1040

Compresses 1040 nm oscillator output pulses 

Chameleon Discovery 

CARS/SRS Microscopy, SHG Microscopy 

Pulse Pickers 

Pulse Picker 3600

Reduces rep rate from oscillators. Outputs from 9.5 kHz to 4.75 MHz, supports fs and ps pulses 

Mira, Vitara 

Gas Phase Spectroscopy, High Energy Particles 

Pulse Synchronizers 


Active synchronization of laser rep rate to a second laser or rf clock

Mira, Vitara 

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy, CARS, SRS