Chameleon VUE Harmonics AccessoryChameleon VUE SHG Tuning CurveChameleon VUE THG Tuning CurveChameleon Discovery VUE THG Tuning Curve
Chameleon VUE Harmonics Accessory

Chameleon VUE Harmonics Accessory

Chameleon VUE is a series of Harmonics Generation options for generating visible and deep UV wavelengths in an automated hands-free package.

Visible and Ultraviolet Extension for Chameleon Ti:Sapphire Lasers

VUE modules can communicate with the built-in spectrometer within the Chameleon laser to automatically optimize crystal phase matching as the wavelength of the pump laser varies.

  • VUE SHG is a second harmonic generation system, which can cover 340 nm to 540 nm.
  • VUE THG is a third harmonic generation system, spanning 227 nm to 540 nm.

The modular instrument design is purpose-built to be user-friendly and compact, with software-controlled wavelength tuning available. The careful optimization of the nonlinear conversion processes within the modules results in high conversion efficiencies that can now be achieved at all input power levels with minimum pulse broadening. The system is also designed to optimize beam pointing stability and the beam intensity profile.

Chameleon VUE is ideal for spectroscopic applications such as transient absorption spectroscopy and time-resolved imaging techniques such as FRET and FLIM.

The Discovery VUE SHG is specifically designed to take advantage of the unique Octave spanning tuning of the Discovery laser, providing gap-free, high power output from 330 nm to 1320 nm.

Chameleon Vue Typical Tuning Curve Graph

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