AVIA LX Compact DPSS lasers
AVIA LX Compact DPSS lasers


Q-switched laser for industrial laser applications

This nanosecond DPSS Q-switched UV laser offers high-pulse energy, unmatched reliability, and the right price

The AVIA LX industrial laser delivers high pulse energy output in the UV to enable faster, more efficient, and higher quality material ablation and processing, including laser cutting, scribing, drilling, and marking. It is ideal for materials such as metal, thin-film, silicon, ceramics, to name a few. When using Coherent proprietary cutting technology, AVIA LX shows excellent results for PCB depaneling. This compact and robust Q-switched laser is a workhorse of the industry and comes at a very competitive price point.

AVIA LX offers an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and ease-of-integration. Its high-pulse energy enables efficient material processing, especially when coupled with the unique Coherent PCB cutting technology. This process has proven to deliver greatly reduced heat-affected zone (HAZ), a higher-quality cut edge, reduced kerf width, and increased production throughput.

The one-box design of AVIA LX makes integration and operation very easy. Just a simple 48V power supply is needed instead of a bulky controller. The laser head can easily be retrofit into equipment built around the Coherent AVIA NX nanosecond laser, and even other laser brands, to minimize integration and retrofit efforts. Also, AVIA LX shares the same electronic and software interface as other AVIA lasers, simplifying its adoption for existing AVIA users.

AVIA LX leverages the company’s extensive experience in producing reliable, long lifetime lasers with UV output. The non-linear (frequency tripling) crystals are produced within Coherent, enabling us to achieve longer lifetime, improved performance, and reduced cost of ownership. And, its built-in crystal shifter contains the location of 20 pre-qualified third-harmonic generation spots (with over 1000 hours lifetime per spot). Plus, AVIA LX uses the Coherent PureUV™ active laser cleaning engine, which means the laser is truly sealed for unmatched lifetime.



• Materials Processing
• Drilling
• Engraving
• Scribing
• Cutting
• Marking
• Flexible PCB
• Glass
• Thin Film
• Ceramic
• Silicon
• Metal

Features & Benefits

AVIA LX Key Advantages:

  • Integrated laser head – eliminates separate controller
  • Compact size - smaller than any similar laser
  • Ruggedized design - HALT proven for unmatched reliability
  • Extended UV lifetime – proprietary PureUV™ technology
  • Simple GUI software - simple operation
  • Three-point kinematic mounting – easy and rugged mounting
  • Long-lived and replaceable exterior window - for harsh environments

Integrated Laser Head. With AVIA LX, there is no separate controller needed. Everything from the controller to the pump diodes is now integrated in a very compact laser head. This simplifies integration. And avoiding remote fiber coupled diodes also serves to eliminate possible failure points.

Compact Size. Yet the AVIA LX laser head is much smaller than earlier lasers measuring only 13cm x 11cm x 57cm. The beam height is measuring only 50.5 mm enabling the AVIA LX to capture existing installations of competitor lasers.

Ruggedized Design. The AVIA LX has been thoroughly HALT tested during the design to ensure that any laser produced will operate reliably in harsh industrial environments.

Extended UV lifetime. The lifetime of first generation DPSS lasers with UV or green output was often limited by optical damage to the harmonic crystals that are used to frequency double or triple the laser’s fundamental near-infrared output beam. Coherent has manufactured more ultraviolet industrial lasers than anyone else. And we know more about optics failure mechanisms in these lasers. So while some competitors still use an external “pump and filter” approach to try and purge these optics, AVIA LX all use our PureUV™ active laser cleaning engine. This means the laser is truly sealed with an unmatched lifetime.

Simple GUI Software.The AVIA control interface is a powerful, yet intuitive PC-based GUI. All control of the laser is conveniently located on virtual buttons and pull down menus/tabs. The control interface also includes RS-232, USB and Ethernet.

Three-point kinematic mounting. The new standard mounting interface on AVIA lasers is three-point kinematic mount, which is dramatically superior to traditional flat plate mounting schemes. The laser is thermally isolated from the rest of the laser tool, thus ensuring stable operation within a broad thermal cycle range (15°C to 40°C) inside a laser tool. Additionally, warm up time is minimized in the AVIA LX due to this thermal isolation (<5 min from standby; <20 min from cold start). Lastly, laser placement repeatability is maximized with the three-point mount. This means minimal downstream beam train alignment is required when swapping lasers.

Long-lived and replaceable exterior window. In harsh manufacturing settings, material may build up on the window during normal operation. The Brewster Window approach enables the LX to use an uncoated output window which can easily be cleaned. As safety precaution there are two windows build into the system. The customer can change the outer one if contamination cannot be cleaned anymore without breaching the sealed laser head.

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