Integrate the new Matrix in cost-sensitive ultraviolet marking and coding applications, where process quality and stability cannot be compromised.

The fully air-cooled Matrix lasers delivers an industry-leading combination of high-performance features in terms of beam quality, stability, pulsing control, and reliability. However, it is packaged with a 50% reduction in form factor; all the electronics are now integrated within the compact laser head, enabling easy integration. This latest Matrix also opens a new entry level pricing point for UV lasers.

Matrix - Up to 10 W UV

Pick from two compact, air-cooled models that deliver high reliability, lifetime and consistency, which simplifies OEM integration and maintenance. 


Product Specifications


 Wavelength (nm) 

Output Power (W)

Repetition Rate (kHz )

Matrix 355-5


5 (@50kHz)

up to 300

Matrix 355-10

10 (@50kHz)

up to 300

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