Integrate MATRIX lasers in cost-sensitive marking, scribing, and cutting applications which can't compromise on process quality and stability.

The fully air cooled MATRIX lasers offer compact sleek integrations and deliver an unmatched combination of reliability and performance for marking, advanced packaging, solar, automotive, and other demanding applications.

Up to 8W UV, up to 14W green, up to 10W IR

Pick from compact, air- or water-cooled models that all deliver high reliability, lifetime and consistency, which simplifies OEM integration and maintenance. 


Product Specifications


 Wavelength (nm) 

Output Power (W)

Repetition Rate (kHz )

Matrix 1064-1-LP


1 (at 1.4 kHz)


Matrix 1064-7-10

7 (at 10 kHz)


Matrix 1064-10-30

10 (at 30 kHz)


Matrix 532-7-30


7 (at 30 kHz)


Matrix 355-M1


0.5 (at 60 kHz)


Matrix 355-1-60 

1 (at 60 kHz)


Matrix 355-5-50-LR

5 (at 50 kHz)


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