Fiber-Coupled Multi-Color Laser Modules

Choose up to four wavelengths with powers from mW to 5 W, all combined into one output fiber with a choice of single-mode, multimode, or rectangular fiber.

Our self-contained Fiber-Coupled Multi-Color Laser Modules are fully integrated with internal electronics. Their ARM-based firmware simplifies external software control and remote monitoring. They deliver superior performance and reliability for a wide range of life sciences applications.

Multi-Color Modules – Key Performance Options

Get the exact wavelengths and output fiber characteristics that your instrument or microscope needs. Separately adjust the power for each wavelength from 5-90%.


Product Specifications

Available  Wavelengths (nm)

Power Options (W)

Overall Dimensions (mm)

Output Fiber Types

405, 450, 465, 488, 520, 532, 640, 660


276 × 158 × 85

Multimode Rectangular Fiber: 

150 µmx450 µm; NA:0.21

Multimode Circular Fiber:

105/125 µm, 200/220 µm, 400/440 µm; 

 NA:0.15, 0.22

Single Mode Fiber, Custom Fiber


320 × 180 × 100


440 × 300 × 130

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