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Ultrafast Lasers for High Tech

Trends, Technology, and Applications

April 2021

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Ultrafast lasers have been used for precision cutting, drilling and welding in various industries including semiconductor fabrication, display production, and automotive manufacturing to enhance quality, increase yields, and lower production costs. Join us for the Amplify virtual event where you will hear technology experts, applications specialists, laser users, and Q & A panelists cover the entire ultrafast laser ecosystem – the market trends, the lasers, and the applications – to set you up for success in using this exciting technology.


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Global Industrial Ultrafast Market - Asian Perspective
Ultrafast Laser Micro-Machining: Fundamentals and Process Optimization
  • Ultrafast Laser Micro-Machining: Fundamentals and Process Optimization
  • Industrial Ultrafast Laser Architectures
  • High-Speed Beam Delivery for Ultrafast Lasers


Ultrafast Success Story

OLED Processing by LG-PRI; Glass Welding by Coherent; Wafer Dicing by E&G Technology Corp; Mini-LED Dicing by ASM Pacific; Glass Cutting by 4JET

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