Laser Energy Sensors

Measure laser pulse energy over a huge range of wavelengths, repetition rates, pulse energies, and beam diameters.

  • Superior Damage Resistance Avoid sensor damage from high pulse energy lasers with high quality coatings.
  • Go Large Measure beams up to 35 mm diameter.
  • Easy Operation Simplify use with sensors that have integrated meter electronics.
Laser Energy Sensors

A Full Spectrum of Laser Energy Sensors

Coherent sensors can measure energy per pulse or average power of pulsed lasers from the nanojoule to the multi-joule level, over wavelengths from the deep ultraviolet through the far-infrared, and from single pulses to repetition rates of 10 kHz. 

Power Sensor Product Family

Sensor Type


Maximum Beam Size (mm)

Maximum Pulse Energy

Maximum Repetition Rate (kHz)


EnergyMax ➝

Pyroelectric sensors that offer large active area, wide dynamic range, broad wavelength coverage and high damage threshold.


0.19 to 12 µm


15 J

10 kHz


Quantum EnergyMax ➝

Silicon and germanium semiconductor sensors can measure very low light levels with a high response speed.


Si: 250 nm to 1100 nm


775 nJ

10 kHz


Ge: 800 to 1700 nm


600 nJ

10 kHz


* Doesn't require a separate meter.  All meter electronics are integrated within the sensor cable.

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