Laser Power Sensors

Make accurate laser power measurements, from the deep UV to the infrared, with these calibrated, traceable sensors.

  • Broadest Choice Get just the right sensor for your measurement from our extensive selection.
  • Meter Free Options Eliminate the traditional meter with sensors that integrate meter electronics.
  • Regional Calibration Calibration labs in Europe, North America and Asia.
Laser Power Sensors

Sensors for Every Wavelength and Power

Measure the average power, and even pulse shape, of CW and modulated lasers, from nW to kW, with thermopile, thermoelectric, and semiconductor detectors. Many models are available with meter electronics integrated within the sensor cable.

Power Sensor Product Family

Sensor Type


Wavelength Range

Minimum Power

Maximum Power

Maximum Beam Diameter


PM10K+ Power Sensor ➝

Unique, high-accuracy sensor for high-power industrial lasers (10 kW continuous/12 kW intermittent) that combines fast response and large active area.



0.19 µm to 11 µm

100 W

10 kW

65 mm

DB25 + USB


Thermopile Power Sensors ➝

Robust sensors combing high power handling, large dynamic range, broad wavelength coverage, large diameter, and uniform spatial response, plus position sensing options.


Air, Fan, Water

0.19 µm to 11 µm

100 µW

6 kW

200 mm




Fast Thermoelectric Power Sensors ➝

Unique technology combines broad wavelength coverage, large dynamic range, and high damage resistance with fast response speed.


Air, Fan, Water

0.45 µm to 11 µm

100 mW

350 W

30 mm




Semiconductor Power Sensors ➝

High sensitivity for measuring extremely low powers at very fast response times.



Si: 250 nm to 1100 nm

5 µW

140 mW

10 mm



Ge: 800 to 1800 nm

10 nW

10 mW

5 mm


* Doesn't require a separate meter.  All meter electronics are integrated within the sensor cable.

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