25G BOA - Board-Mount Optical Assembly

Use our 25G BOAs for storage, data, and high-performance computing connectivity, where it provides a compact, high-bandwidth optical interconnect.

The BOA is a parallel transceiver that transmits up to 28 Gb/s data over a multimode fiber (MMF) ribbon cable. It is designed to be mounted directly onto a host board, close to the host ASIC, improving signal integrity and decreasing power consumption.

25G BOA – Some Key Details

Use the BOA as a 12-channel full-duplex transceiver for rates from 1 Gb/s up to 28.1 Gb/s per channel. It is TE-MBOM pin compatible with a maximum link length of 70 m at 25 Gb/s.


  • Board mounted

  • High density

  • Board-to-board interconnects

  • Optical backplanes

  • InfiniBand, SAS, PCIe, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and proprietary applications