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Neuroscience & Cell Biology

December 2020

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The inaugural Amplify event focused on neuroscience and cell biology. Students, academic and commercial researchers, and bioinstrumentation manufacturers joined us for technology presentations, invited papers, interviews, industry roundtable discussions, and live Q&A to gain must-have insights into world-class research, and strategies to address current challenges in cell biology and neuroscience.


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Bridging Academia and Industry to Maximize Scientific Impact

Eric Betzig, Professor at UC Berkeley and HHMI Investigator, Nobel Prize Laureate


Label-Free Multimodal Multiphoton Imaging the True Colors of Cancer

Stephen Boppart, MD Professor and Director of the Center for Optical Molecular Imaging, University of Illinois



Neuroscience Speakers

Holographic Control of Brain Circuits

Valentina Emiliani, Ph.D., Research Director at Institut de la Vision


Engineering a Less Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Tolias, Professor of Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine


Basal Ganglia Output Pathways for Selection Amongst Incompatible Actions

Bernardo Sabatini, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and HHMI Investigator


High-speed Volumetric Imaging of Brain Function with SCAPE Microscopy

Elizabeth Hillman, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology at Columbia University


Cell Biology Speakers

Flow Cytometry and Infectious Disease: Its Role in COV-19 and Other Emerging Pathogens

William Telford, Senior Associate Scientist at National Cancer Institute


Translation of Third and Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Into The Clinic

Marloes Groot, Professor of Biophysics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Unraveling Infections with Raman Spectroscopy: From Host Response to Pathogen and Antibiotic Resistance

Jürgen Popp, Professor and Chair of Physical Chemistry, Universität Jena


Exploring Behaviors of Cells "In the Wild" with In Vivo Optical Tools

Nozomi Nishimura, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University


Sneak Peak


Adam Packer Ph.D. Oxford University


Cell Biology

Prof. Friedemann Kiefer University of Münster