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Marking Matters

Laser Marking from Concept to Production

May 2021

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Today, marking systems must integrate smoothly with other production equipment in an industry 4.0 environment. Join us for an Amplify virtual event where experts in laser marking applications, verification, vision, traceability, and connectivity reveal the secrets of successfully implementing cost-effective, high-quality laser marking in real world production.


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Part 1: Vision, Automated Part Handling, Software

Application, Vision, Verification and a Lab Demo Automated Part Handling for Laser Marking Marking Software: Integrating the Laser Process with Production

Part 2: User Stories

Laser Marking: Supporting the Digital Factory by Siemens 3D MIR – Advanced Simplicity for Drastic Cost Reduction by Stevanato Group

Part 3: Marking Applications

3D and Large Area Surfaces: Pushing the Limits of Laser Marking and a Lab Demo High Contrast, Permanent Marking of Medical Devices

Part 4: Q&A Session

Live Q&A and Closing Remarks