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PAVOS Ultra Rotators and Isolators

Optimized for high-power applications with Nd- and Yb-based amplifiers, these premium devices eliminate catastrophic whole beam self-focusing found with lower-grade materials and designs.

PAVOS Ultra Rotators and Isolators safely tolerate high laser power across the entire 1010 nm to 1080 nm window, where they eliminate damaging back-reflections. Several standard apertures plus custom apertures, mounting, and vacuum-compatible options on request.

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PAVOS Ultra Rotators and Isolators - Key Parameters

Safely use any PAVOS Ultra Rotator or Isolator below the following damage thresholds: ≥6 J/cm² at 10 ns and ≥0.6 J/cm² at 8 ps minimum for PAVOS Ultra. Wavelength range 1010 nm to 1080 nm.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Clear Aperture Options (mm)

Peak Transmission (%)

Max Rated Power Handling (W)

Typical Isolation or Extinction (dB)*

Peak Rotation

PAVOS Ultra Rotators

5, 8, 12


400 W


45° +2/-5°

PAVOS Ultra 

5, 8, 12



45° +2/-5°

PAVOS+ Ultra Rotators



≥125 W


45° ± 2°

PAVOS+ Ultra Isolators




45° ± 2°

ᵃ Escape ports should be used if rejected light is >1 W or 0.15 J/cm² at 10 ns. All stray beams should be properly terminated. 

ᵇ With 1/e² beam diameter ≤ clear aperture/2 (50% encroachment), ≤5 mW power

ᶜ With 1/e² beam diameter ≤ clear aperture/2 (50% encroachment), max. power