Laser Components and Accessories


Improve precision and quality when welding heat-sensitive and thin materials, or joining dissimilar materials, with this single-mode fiber laser processing head.

SmartWeld+ implements advanced beam wobble capabilities, including numerous "smart" oscillation patterns, plus precise control of delivered laser energy, to yield unmatched weld quality and consistency, together with a minimized heat affected zone.


Tackle welding copper, aluminum, titanium, and steel alloys, or join dissimilar or thin materials, with this versatile and capable processing head.

Optical Mechanical Software
  • Variable spot size (30 μm to over 1000 μm) enables gap bridging and reduces fit up requirements
  • Collimator options for Coherent PowerLine FL 400/600/150 P/300 P, and FL1000CSM/FL1500CSM lasers
  • Focusing options include 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm lenses
  • Maximum laser power 300 W CW, or 2 kW (peak) modulated
  • QBH fiber connector
  • Compact size: 317 mm x 197 mm x 157 mm







  • Compatible with Laser FrameWork








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