Cost-Effective Precision Laser Welding and Cutting

Coherent PowerLine FL is a fully configured, easy-to-integrate subsystem that delivers a significant time-to-market reduction and a compelling ROI.

June 22, 2023 by Coherent

PowerLine FL


Coherent PowerLine FL offers manufacturers a simple path to implementing advanced laser welding and cutting processes in e-mobility, medical device manufacturing, and electronic component production. The most challenging of these tasks requires tight integration of a high-performance fiber laser, machine vision, and process monitoring, as well as close communication with other factory automation systems.

Designing and building laser tools for these advanced applications requires a high degree of expertise, and access to an applications development lab. Many production equipment manufacturers do not have all the necessary knowledge and facilities for this in-house laser process development, and rely on a trusted partner and supplier to get access to such capabilities and solutions


The PowerLine FL Turnkey Solution

Coherent PowerLine FL is a comprehensive solution that provides all the components needed for production equipment manufacturers to implement the most sophisticated laser welding and cutting processes in production. This starts with applications development support to identify the optimum combination of hardware and software for the specific task. This can include machine vision, process monitoring (like our SmartSense+), data exchange, and many other accessories and modules.

Coherent Labs can then assist in developing and refining the process recipe. Finally, we’ll build the laser tool itself, and take care of installation, commissioning, and ongoing support.

PowerLine FL is more than just a high-precision laser welding solution – it’s also peace of mind. That’s because it’s an integrated applications package from a single supplier. This ensures that every piece of hardware and software works together seamlessly and eliminates user worries about interface issues or equipment incompatibilities. And service for the entire product comes from Coherent – a single point of contact with a worldwide support infrastructure. So, if a problem does occur, our customers can avoid the time-consuming finger-pointing between vendors. Most importantly, they can get access to diagnostics – and a solution – right away.


Enhanced Productivity with Laser FrameWork

The new and innovative Laser FrameWork software suite is available with every system configuration and seamlessly integrates the vision and process monitoring capabilities into one intuitive user interface. This software controls every aspect of process recipe creation, execution, and monitoring through a simple, intuitive, visual user interface. Many complex tasks – such as defining processing sequences that include laser operations, inspection, and automation – are accomplished just by placing the individual elements on a job timeline using simple drag-and-drop operations.

Laser FrameWork also provides easy access to all the communications and connectivity tools for complete integration into the modern Industry 4.0 production environment. This enables it to interface with other production automation systems – to get serial numbers or other specific product data from an external source, for example – and then use this data to modify the process flow. Plus, this makes it easy to implement documentation and traceability steps within the process workflow.


Get Better Results Faster

PowerLine FL will reduce time-to-market when bringing new processes online, and Coherent Labs applications experts will deliver a validated and guaranteed process that yields consistently great results. Plus, Coherent will reduce downtime and increase productivity by taking responsibility for all our components, which are backed by global service coverage with a high availability of spare parts.

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