Space and Astronomy

Discover and explore with components designed for harsh space environments, including freeform and large format optics, lasers, and radiation hardened fiber optics.

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  • Space Qualified Deploying fibers, lasers, and optics found in earth orbit, on moons and planets, and exploring the outer limits of the universe.
  • Customized Solutions Manufacturing aspheric and freeform optics, harsh environment fiber, and qualified lasers for LEOs, communications, and telescopes.
  • Acceptance Testing Designing and testing capabilities including shock, vibration, thermal cycling, and radiation tolerance for optimum performance.
Space and Astronomy Lasers

Custom Optics

Leading the industry in specialty light-weighted, large-format optics polished to picometer tolerances.

Qualified Lasers 

Optimizing custom lasers for use in LEO communications arrays, in weather satellites, and as planetary illuminators.

Specialty Fibers

Tolerate harsh conditions with radiation hardened fibers for spacecraft navigation and telecommunication - even on Mars.

Laser Crystals

Providing domestically grown crystals in custom sizes and lengths for mission-specific laser bandwidth requirements. 


Success Stories

Compact excimer laser systems open up new possibilities for the treatment of 3D-CRFP-parts, also by robotic applications.
Dr. Thomas Lukasczyk Fraunhofer IFAM

Mobile Excimer Laser Enables Robotic CFRP Cleaning

See how the high repetition rate (1000 Hz) and pulse energy (10 mJ) of the ExciStar allows rapid processing and continuous movement of the laser beam over the part surface.

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