General Optics

ZPS – Zero Pixel Shift Filters

Enable fluorescence microscope imaging at multiple visible wavelengths with near-perfect image registration.

Advances in fluorophores and sources are driving wider use of multi-color microscopy. Coherent draws on our advanced coating expertise to offer filters with no wavelength walk-off. ZPS are ideal for excitation and emission as well as dichroic beamsplitters.

ZPS – Key Specifications Summary

Superior coating flatness and precise mounting eliminate pixel shifts due to wavelength and filter exchange.

Combined (Ex plus Em) Blocking Efficiency

Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE)

Flatness (Peak-Valley) per inch aperture

Wedge Angle (for 2 mm thickness)

Image Shift (Cube to Cube Exchange)


< 1/10 wave

< ½ wave

<1 arc sec

≤1 pixel