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Pockels Cells - Electro-Optic Q-Switches

Get large apertures, high energy/power handling, very high contrast ratio, and fast risetimes with our comprehensive range of standard and custom EO Q-Switches.

Using unique crystal growth, fabrication, and polishing methods, Coherent manufactures a full range of Pockels cells in materials including BBO, KDP, KD*P. Ideal for intra- and extra-cavity use in materials processing, medical, and aesthetic laser applications.

Dual-Stage BBO Pockels Cell – Key Specifications

Partner with Coherent for standard and custom Pockels Cells for your OEM needs, featuring different apertures, mechanical dimensions, and switching characteristics.

Operating Wavelength (nm)

Clear Aperture (mm)


Transmission (%)

λ/4 voltage (kV)

Intrinsic Contrast Ratio (ICR)

Voltage Contrast Ratio (VCR)



Dual-Stage (two crystals)