General Optics

Powell Lenses

Reshape round, Gaussian intensity distribution laser beams into thin lines with a highly uniform (top-hat) intensity profile along their entire length.

Powell lenses offer a better approach for generating laser lines in applications like machine vision, inspection, and flow cytometry. Coherent supplies both standard and custom Powell lenses covering a wide range of performance and tolerance values.

Coherent Powell Lens Advantages

Improved Accuracy

Coherent specifies contained power and uniformity for Powell Lenses over 100% of the line length; other manufacturers typically specify performance over the central 80%. And Coherent specifies intensity variation in absolute, rather than average, numbers. Using absolute values guarantees much less intensity variation resulting in better measurement accuracy and signal-to-noise.

Greater Consistency

Specifying performance over the entire line (100%) and in absolute terms also ensures greater unit-to-unit uniformity making it easier for system builders to calibrate their product and maintain consistent performance.

Volume Production

Coherent maintains extensive optical fabrication and coating capabilities, enabling us to produce a Powell Lens that meets your precise needs and to reliably deliver it in any quantity you require.

Spotlight on Optics

Powell Lens

Explore our glossary to learn how the Powell Lens' uniquely designed optics transform laser beams into uniform lines, enhancing applications in machine vision, flow cytometry, and more.