General Optics

Spherical Lenses

Construct high-performance optical systems for lasers, fiber optics, imaging, and illumination with precision components fabricated to your exact specifications.

Coherent has extensive optical fabrication and coating capabilities for producing spherical lenses of nearly any shape - plano-convex, bi-convex, plano-concave, bi-concave, meniscus, and achromatic - over a wide range of sizes and materials.

Spherical Lens Capabilities

Specify the components you need for applications in life sciences, imaging, materials processing, defense, metrology, telecommunications, and more.

Spherical Lens Fabrication Capabilities Overview


N-BK7, Fused Silicon, or others as specified

Diameter Range

3 mm to 200 mm

Surface Quality


Surface Irregularity

λ/8 at 632.8nm

Beam Deviation

<5 arc minutes

Focal Length


Thickness Tolerance

2.54 mm nominal

Diameter Tolerance

+0/ -0.10mm

Clear Aperture

Central 90%


<3 arc min


AR coating, HR coating, or metal reflective coating