Bimo-FSC3 series products enable sheet metal cutting up 50 mm thick, with superior uptime and reliability.

October 24, 2022 by Coherent


A series of Coherent BIMO-FSC3 laser cutting heads has been introduced to meet some of the most important emerging production trends in automotive, white goods, energy, and other manufacturing sectors. A key one of these is the increasing use of ultra-high power industrial fiber lasers (output power reaching into the tens of kilowatts). These are enabling faster cutting of sheet metals – including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum – at thicknesses up to 50 mm.

Our BIMO-FSC3 cutting heads address each of these needs, and include:

  • The BIMO-FSC3-Z-HP, designed to perform with up to 30 kW of laser power, and includes height sensing capabilities and a large depth of focus. Combined, these features enable high-speed cutting of thick materials while maintaining high cut quality and consistency across very large sheets of metal – even when there are significant variations in substrate dimensions. Plus, it has a generous 0.15 NA input for compatibility with virtually any fiber laser, including ring-mode lasers. The BIMO-FSC3-Z-HP utilizes sensors and embedded intelligence for continuous condition monitoring during operation to maximize uptime. It also has a field serviceable or replaceable optics module to largely eliminate maintenance downtime.
  • Versions of the BIMO-FSC3 and BIMO-FSC3-L that accommodate powers of up to 20 kW. The BIMO-FSC3 (0.125 NA) offers the fastest, motorized, independent adjustment of magnification and focal-plane position. The BIMO-FSC3-L provides that same capability with a larger 0.18 NA making it ideal for use with ring-mode lasers.
  • Two versions of the BIMO-FSC3-Z (0.125 NA and 0.17 NA) which are rated up to 12 kW of laser power. These heads provide just Z-axis functionality for reduced complexity and quicker integration.

All of these BIMO-FSC3 cutting heads are IP-65 certified to perform under the harshest environments and are based on a field-proven design that has been systematically evolved over decades. This cumulative experience enables Coherent to design and produce cutting heads that deliver a unique combination of performance, reliability, serviceability, and user-friendly operation.

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