Better Together: The Innovation Powerhouse of the New Coherent

II-VI Incorporated and Coherent, Inc., are now one company – Coherent Corp.

September 8, 2022 by Coherent

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On July 1, 2022, the merger between II-VI and Coherent finalized, creating a powerhouse in materials, networking, and lasers. We chose the name Coherent for the combined company because it has a universal meaning to bring things together, and an appeal that we believe will expand our brand recognition. II-VI is recognized as a leader in photonic solutions and compound semiconductors; Coherent is an established industry leader in lasers and laser systems. Together, our combined business will be more distributed across the value chain from materials to components, subsystems, systems, and service.  

Here are some key stats:

  • $4.8B in revenue (fiscal year 2022 pro forma revenue) 
  • 28,000+ employees
  • $500M+ in R&D 
  • 130 global locations
  • 24 countries


At the cutting edge of the world’s most transformative technologies

The new Coherent is at the heart of today’s most promising innovations. The confluence of materials, networking, and lasers brings together the key technologies transforming society over the past few decades. These cutting-edge innovations are likely to accelerate their impact in the future.

  • Global communications connect the world and bring us closer together, allowing us to collaborate at work and find entertainment increasingly online and in the cloud. The internet and its growing number of hyperscale datacenters increasingly rely on optical communication technology. The cloud infrastructure will continue to grow as more users have access to greater bandwidth through 5G and low Earth orbit satellites; more software and connectivity in products and infrastructures, such as in cars, wearables, and the Internet of Things; and growing cloud-intensive applications, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and the metaverse.    
  • Precision manufacturing critically depends on laser processing to deliver a huge range of advanced products – everything from automobiles to medical implants. These methods also reduce waste, enabling sustainability in unexpected places. 
  • Advanced electronics have powered human progress for the last century and transformed consumer electronics. Photonics plays an enabling role in many of these products, from their manufacture to their operation. High-energy lasers are used to create the extreme-ultraviolet wavelengths that define the nanoscale transistor features of the latest generation of microelectronics. Optoelectronics are also embedded on the front of smartphones to unlock them through facial biometrics and on the back of the phone to scan the surroundings for emerging augmented reality applications.  
  • Exploration is a constant theme in human history. The universe is coming into sharper focus, thanks most recently to the amazing images from the James Webb Space Telescope. Coherent is a key partner in the JWST’s success, having coated and polished the telescope’s unique mirror array. At the other end of the size scale, lasers and advanced optics are allowing us to peer within the human cell, reaching a greater understanding of biochemistry.

Around the world, the best minds in research and industry are working to advance the megatrends that promise a better future: the next evolution of the cloud, 3D sensing, electric vehicles, additive manufacturing, the commercialization of space, and the personalization of health care. All of these efforts rely on lasers, optics, advanced electronics, and engineered materials.


Driving innovation at scale, up and down the value chain

The last two years have taught businesses many lessons, and the vulnerability of our existing supply chains tops that list. The new Coherent is vertically integrated at a scale that few companies can achieve. Our integrated business model, coupled with our 100-plus-years of combined expertise, really matters to our customers. Reliability, quality, performance, and the confidence of a global support network – these defined successes for Coherent and II-VI individually. Together, they are a multiplier.


Our promise: Empowering our customers to reimagine the products of the future

Our promise as a brand is to empower our customers to define the future through our breakthrough technologies. Our logo features the atom and its orbiting electrons, symbolizing the science that is foundational to our products.

We invite you to join us as we bring together the best minds, customers, and technologies to create a better future for all humankind.