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Evergen® Powerstrap® Controller

Use our Controller as the power manager with the EverGen® PowerStrap® Generator to produce regulated output for charging 12 and 24 VDC lead acid battery systems.

When utilized together, the Evergen Powerstrap system functions as a fuel-less, remote power source for commercial, industrial, and oil & gas applications. A single Controller can handle up to 3 Powerstrap devices and produce up to 80 watts of DC output.

Evergen® Powerstrap® Controller – Product Choices

Use these in  a range of applications, including burner management & SCADA systems, for remote/ off-grid power, to charge lead-acid battery banks, or for AC line back-up power.

Model Name



Analog MPPT Charge Controller - 1 PowerStrap™ Inputs


Analog MPPT Charge Controller - 2 PowerStrap™ Inputs


Analog MPPT Charge Controller - 3 PowerStrap™ Inputs

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