Laser Machines and Systems

HighLight Weld

Put high-power fiber laser welding into production without having to become a laser welding expert yourself using these custom-configured solutions.

Save time and cut development costs, and still get superior results and reliability, with systems that integrate a fiber laser source, process fiber, scanner, process optics, cooling system, and all the necessary control electronics and software.

Built for Your Requirements

Combine a laser of up to 10 kW with a wide selection of scanner platforms, focusing optics, and working magnifications to enable a variety of welding applications.


HighLight Weld Configuration Options


Process Fiber


Focusing Optics


  • HighLight FL Series Single and multi-mode
  • FL process fibers 20 – 400 µm 
  • QD and QBH connectors 
  • 2D Weld 
  • HIGHmotion 2D™
  • RLSK
  • PH50FL
  • Vision system
  • Seam tracking 
  • Process monitoring 
  • Chiller
  • HighLight FL-ARM Series Single and multi-mode
  • FL-ARM process fibers from 22/170 µm - 100/290 µm
  • QD and QBH connectors