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WaferLase Series

Perform high-speed silicon wafer marking and glass scribing for NGS Flow Cell production with automated tools that deliver high precision with minimal heat damage.

WaferLase systems combine robotic part handling, automated part alignment, a laser source, beam delivery optics, and control and interface software. System components are mounted on a granite base within a welded steel frame for maximum stability.

Semiconductor Wafer Marking and Glass Scribing

Select the laser source, part transport, and other automation options to configure a WaferLase processing system that is right for your application and budget.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Laser Type

Main Features

Target Materials

Typical Applications

PowerLine C


Economical, Versatile

Most Non-Metals

Engraving glass, organics, and natural materials.

PowerLine E 8 QT

High Power (6 W) UV

High Speed, High Contrast


Marking of organics by bleaching.

PowerLine E Series

Solid State (IR, Green or UV)

High-Quality Marks

Diverse, Laser Dependent

Semiconductor device marking, marking of organics by foaming, day & night, and grayscale marking.

PowerLine E Twin

Solid State (IR, Green or UV)

High-Quality, Very High Speed


Serialization marking of semiconductor devices.

PowerLine F Series

Air-Cooled Fiber Laser IR


Metals, Plastics

Engraving/marking of metals, marking of lead frames, ear tag marking, marking of organics by carbonization.

PowerLine Prime

Solid State IR

Compact, Air-Cooled


General marking in low or medium volume production.

PowerLine Rapid NX


Laser Black Marking

Steel, Titanium, Aluminum

Laser black marking.

Product Specifications



WaferLase ID 200  

Silicon wafer ID marking up to 200 mm 

WaferLase II 

Glass Cutting for NGS Flow Cell Production 

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