Laser Machines and Systems

LME Series

Configure these laser marking workstations with a variety of different lasers as well as part motion and handling options for optimum performance in precision applications.

LME Series deliver high throughput, precision part marking in production environments, particularly in medical, automotive, and other demanding applications. Operating costs are minimized through the use of efficient, air-cooled laser sources.

Standard and Customized Platforms

Combine your choice of laser source and part motion/handling mechanics with one of three workstation packages to get a laser marking system for your specific needs.

Product Specifications


Maximum Workpiece Size (mm)

Part Motion Options

Laser Choices

Key Options


350 x 350 x 350 

250 x 250 mm XY stage 

PowerLine F 20/20 Varia/30/50/100  
PowerLine E Air 10/25 
PowerLine E 20/25/40  
PowerLine E 20/25 SHG 
PowerLine E Air 10 THG  
PowerLine E 20 THG 
PowerLine Pico 10, SHG, and THG 

Vision modules 
Circumferential indexer 
Foot switch 
Fume extractor 
Bar code scanner 


760 x 600 x 500 

500 x 500 mm XY stage 


400 x 300 x 295 

rotary table