Laser Machines and Systems

Comprehensive Monitoring

Laser FrameWork combines system and process monitoring. The enhanced data collection, AI-powered detection features, and advanced beam monitoring are an early warning system to reduce waste and improve quality.  

Combining system and process monitoring in a single user experience, our AI-powered monitoring  incorporates process recipes to evaluate output and assign actions based on OK/NOK conditions. System monitoring collects data on beam quality and stability, and detects potential maintenance issues before they stop production.  

Key Capabilities

Automate Production Issue Detection

Laser FrameWork collects real-time information from built-in sensors and automatically indicates operational variances to maximize quality and yields.

Visualize Results

Deviations between programmed and actually executed contours on CNC-controlled Exact Systems are measured and displayed in Laser FrameWork  

Monitor Beams More Accurately

BeamInspect beam monitoring utilizes laser beam profile and  focused spot position to measure with high resolution and accuracy between production cycles.

Get Better Data

The SmartSense+ process monitoring solution measures the laser process using optical detectors and (optionally) acoustic sensors, and leverages that with advanced AI signal processing to deliver detailed accurate, real-time information on process status – everything from laser parameters like output power and focal spot position, to changes in process gas flow, to feedback on weld quality, like the presence of spatter or microcracks. And, it does this at a fraction the cost of systems based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) or high speed cameras. SmartSense+ is the most cost-effective way to keep your process running smoothly.

Improve Beam Quality

BeamInspect brings advanced laser beam diagnostic capabilities into your production workflow. Precision, automated measurements of beam parameters are used to make production adjustments, and all data is logged for process certification and tracking. And, BeamInspect makes these measurements at the actual point of beam focus inside the machine, delivering data on waist diameter, M², beam position, focus location and more. It’s the easiest and most direct way to maintain the stringent process quality required for manufacturing high-precision products.

Video Spotlight

Effective, Economical, Precision Laser Process Monitoring

See how Coherent process monitoring ensures good results of your laser process and helps with traceability requirements. The process monitoring capabilities built right into Laser FrameWork make it easy to collect process data, modify machine operation based on that information, and then store or communicate it to other production systems.

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