TOPAS-Prime computer controlled kHz OPA
TOPAS-Prime computer controlled kHz OPA


A Monolithic computer-controlled optical parametric amplifier (OPA). Used to extend the tuning range of Coherent’s kHz ultrafast amplifiers.

Computer-controlled optical parametric amplifiers

TOPAS-Prime is the newest generation of computer-controlled optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) providing the ability to extend the tuning ranges of the Astrella, Legend Elite HE+ and Libra ultrafast amplifier families. All of the best features from our TOPAS-800-fs are retained in the TOPAS-Prime including white light seeding for lowest output noise performance. In addition, TOPAS-Prime employs a monolithic housing for improved mechanical stability. TOPAS-Prime uses a modular design and wavelength extension packages to achieve a tuning range of 190 nm to 20 μm.

The standard TOPAS-Prime model accepts pulse energies up to 3.5 mJ, input pulse energies up to 5 mJ can be achieved with the TOPAS-PrimePlus model. HE-TOPAS-Prime and HE-TOPAS-PrimePlus can support higher pump energies.