Coherent Synchrolock-AP accessory
Coherent Synchrolock-AP accessory


Enables the synchronization of two Mira lasers or two Micra lasers together, or synchronizes a Mira laser or a Vitara laser to an external RF source.

Synchronization Accessory for Mira and Micra Ti:Sapphire Oscillators

The Synchrolock-AP is used to accurately synchronize two Mira or Vitara lasers together, or to synchronize a Mira or Vitara laser to an external RF source. Operating in the femtosecond or picosecond (Mira only) regime, the Synchrolock-AP allows smooth wavelength tuning while keeping the lasers synchronized.

Three separate actuators operate at different locations inside the laser head to compensate low, medium and high frequencies. The actuators are controlled by feedback electronics while a high-speed photodiode simultaneously monitors the laser repetition-rate.

The Synchrolock-AP uses the 9th harmonic content of the photodiode signal to provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio, which leads to tighter jitter lock. In this way Synchrolock-AP provides extremely low jitter while ensuring long-term stability.

  • The Synchrolock-AP accessory locks the pulse repetition-rate of one “Slave” Mira or VItara laser to another “Master” Mira or Vitara laser, or to a “Master” external RF source
  • Femtosecond (Mira and Vitara) and/or picosecond (Mira only) operation
  • Three cavity length actuators provide jitter stabilization over a broad bandwidth and large dynamic range
  • User adjustable delay between locked pulse trains of up to 13 ns with around 22 fs resolution (for a 76 MHz cavity)
  • Simple fiberoptic coupling of slave output beam to the Synchrolock-AP detection system results in minimal losses and ease of use
  • Unique feedback locking mechanism locks to the 9th harmonic of the input signal for enhanced signal to noise performance and tighter synchronization between slave and master oscillators
  • User-friendly GUI enables automatic locking acquisition, delay control and system monitoring



• Applied Physics
• FEL/Synchrotron Studies