Select Fiber Laser
Select Fiber Laser


The Select is a fully integrated system: ergonomically optimized manual welding laser, joystick controlled deposit welding system or high-precision CNC system – a unique welding concept with four high-precision axes, short setup times and easy CNC programming.​

Manual welding laser with flexible configurations for all welding tasks

As much automation as you want, with the minimal complexity you need. All parameters can easily be adjusted without any special know-how via a multi-functional joystick and large color touch-screen.

The Select is also available with fiber laser as Select Fiber.

  • Doors completely hidden inside the machine when open
  • Large working chamber accessed by manual ports with leather cuffs
  • Flow-controlled exhaust system with HEPA filter
  • Closed-loop cooling circuit for 24/7 operation
  • Generously dimensioned linear axes and additional rotary axis
  • Ready to use after delivery ​