O-LASE is a high power OEM (original equipment manufacturer) fiber laser module to be integrated into cutting, welding and drilling systems. Compact design and flexible interfaces enable easy system integration. High optical to optical conversion efficiency of the module enables high total efficiency for the system.


O-LASE fiber laser module is based on up to 2 kW single oscillator. Scalable output powers up to 8 kW with full power range (1–100%) provide functionality and flexibility needed in high precision processing with wide range of materials

Features & Benefits

  • Easy optical, electrical and mechanical integration to laser system
  • Industry leading operating power range 1–100%
  • Modular concept with scalable output powers
  • Allows true real time closed loop power control
  • Enables processing of sensitive and tough materials including bright metals
  • High power OEM configuration, up to 8 kW
  • Based on up to 2 kW single oscillator
  • High beam quality
  • High optical-optical efficiency over full range of output powers
  • High back reflection resistance
  • Integrated power and temperature monitoring sensors