Fiber to Fiber Coupler
Fiber to Fiber Coupler

Fiber-to-Fiber Coupler Water-cooled

The Fiber to Fiber Coupler (FFC wc) connects a laser beam from one fiber optic cable to another.

The FFC wc is an eye-safe stand-alone unit with one fiber input and one fiber output. The FFC wc is water-cooled to handle high power levels (up to 15 kW). The FFC wc is controlled by DGUV-certified safety electronics. The electronics also includes integrated sensors monitored and controlled by CANopen communication.

Tech Spec

Max. Power (CW) 15 kW
Magnification 0.6 / 1.0 / 1.2
Max. NA 0.12 / 0.14 / 0.14
Optics material Synthetic fused silica
AR-coating 1030-1090 nm
Fiber interfaces QBH / RQB / QD / LLK-B

Features & Benefits

  • Water-cooled unit
  • Protection for input fiber
  • DGUV-certified safety electronics (PL e)
  • CANopen communication
  • Eye-safe

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