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Process Optics

See our system of standardized modules offering a range of focal lengths and functions you can combine to make complete processing heads for numerous applications.

Coherent process optics are modular building blocks that enable rapid construction of a wide variety of high-power laser beam delivery systems. In addition to flexibility, these precision aligned components also deliver superior performance. 

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Process Optics Overview

Assemble standard collimators, relay optics, focusing units, and process adapters to make a high quality process head that meets your precise requirements.


Product Type


Key Features

Fiber Cable Receivers

The mechanical mount that locks the fiber optic cable in place and terminate the fiber interlock circuit

Compact dimensions and plug-and-play performance. 

Collimating Units

Collimates the beam after the fiber optic cable and terminate the fiber interlock circuit.

Focal lengths from 50 to 250 mm. Air- or water-cooled.

Intermediate Optics

Modules for turning the process head 90°, beam shaping or connecting camera.

Mounted between collimating and focusing unit.

Focusing Units

Focus the collimated beam down on the application.

Focal lengths from 60 to 500 mm. Fixed or z-adjustable.

Air- or water-cooled.

Process Adapters & Holders

Mechanical holders for both Collimating Units and Focusing Units, plus adapters for including cover slides or cross jets

Quick exchange of cover slide.
Plug-and-play holders.