Fiber Coupling Unit
Fiber Coupling Unit

Fiber Coupling Unit

The Fiber Coupling Unit (FCU) is an interface between the high-power laser and the fiber optic cable.

Tech Spec

Max. Power (CW) 4.5 kW
Focal lengths 50, 60, 70, 85, 100 mm
Max. collimated beam Ø18 mm (incl. 99% of the beam energy)
Optics material Synthetic fused silica
AR-coatings 1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm
Fiber interfaces QBH / RQB / QD / LLK-B

Features & Benefits

  • Air-cooled (passive)
  • Free space beam input
  • Integrated sensors
  • Control and Safety Electronics
  • CANopen communication

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